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About us

Enhancer Signals is a unique online service which provides up to date notifications regarding identified Supply and Demand levels in the Forex markets. This type of analysis is based on the most objective technical information that is commonly available on the charts, and which is capable of providing high-probability trade setups that can be adapted to almost any prudent trading strategy. It has been used by professional circles since long before the age of electronic trading and still remains largely the knowledge of the privileged few. At Enhancer Signals we strive to bring this knowledge out in the open and to become the trading lighthouse for both novice and experienced traders who want to navigate the markets more efficiently and profitably, by using objective information (instead of arbitrary tools that were never supposed to be used for determining trade entries by themselves, like indicators, oscillators and many others). We aim to help traders boost their performance and reach their own potential, by providing our own identified Supply and Demand levels and by simultaneously providing valuable educational material in order to help them understand the real forces that move the markets.

We know how hard it can be for a new trader to distinguish the quality information among the tons of questionable material on the internet, and how hard it can be to refine a proper trading attitude and a profitable strategy before acquiring the necessary knowledge. It is one of the reasons the masses end up trying their luck with social trading, trading bots and scripts, more indicators, more oscillators, and even more combinations of everything, while professionals happily take the other side of these trades and obtain lower-risk higher-probability entries for their trades day after day. We strongly believe that crossing the barrier towards profitability does not have to be a hard, life-long endeavor, and we are constantly proving it with actions at every opportunity we get. Anticipating and then seeing the market react to pre-identified Supply and Demand levels can be a very powerful experience, because apart from opening a world of profitable opportunities, it also restores trading confidence, removes excessive fear, and sets the foundation for building and maintaining a proper trading attitude.

Your overwhelmingly positive feedback is what keeps us going while we work hard to constantly improve our services and facilities, stay ahead of times, and offer great value to all our followers. In return, we choose to offer a lengthy (30 days) completely free trial so that everyone has the chance to experience the quality of the offered services at no cost. This way we have aligned our interests with yours so that we all achieve the same goals together.

Happy trading,
The Enhancer Signals team

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