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Affiliate Opportunities

Enhancer Signals offers a generous affiliate program to our users and gives all our members the opportunity to earn commissions for referring new traders to our community. We are offering a very rewarding unique-link based system which rewards you with a

20% commission for all subscription payments made by your referrals.

Find out more about our affiliate system, the earnings and payouts, the simple rules, as well as a general guide to help you make the most out of our affiliate system below.

The recurring commissions system

Any commissions earned by using your unique affiliate link are recurring, meaning they will be repeated every month and for every subscriber you referred to us, for as long as your referrals remain active subscribers. You will earn 20% of each monthly subscription price, every month, for every active subscriber referred by you. All commissions are validated and become available for payment as soon as the prepaid period (one month of subscription) ends without a refund request.

Your unique referral link, how to get it, and how it works

In order to get an affiliate account and your unique link, you will need to sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial via PayPal. This will create your website account and will also give you access to your affiliate account and unique link. You affiliate account will remain fully operational even if your Free Trial account is cancelled.

After you get access to your affiliate account page in your member area, you can request an affiliate account and instantly get your unique link by a simple click of a button. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever on your part, other of course than following some simple guidelines detailed in another section below if you decide to post your link on external websites. Your unique link is tied to your website account and every time someone follows your link to our website, a simple cookie file is stored on their computer in order to recognize them as your referral. The cookie has a lifetime of 30 days and if at any point during that time the referred user subscribes, that subscription will be counted as your referral and will keep producing commissions for you for as long as the referral remains an active subscriber.

Please keep in mind that although the cookie has a lifetime of 30 days, if your referral deletes the cookie by cleaning their browsing history, or if they use a different browser or computer than the one which has the cookie stored, then there is no way for our system to recognize the user as your referral. The same applies if your referral follows a different affiliate link from another user before subscribing, which means that the cookie was overwritten by another affiliate's link. After your referral subscribes and is permanently recognized as your referral in our system, you cannot lose this referral.

The payouts of earned commissions

We pay our affiliates their earned commissions by PayPal. If you don't already have a PayPal account, don't worry, it is fast and easy to create. At the moment we pay affiliate earnings by PayPal but we can discuss other methods if needed. We do not require any minimums for a payout so you can request one by submitting a support ticket at any time. Please note that your commissions will be available for a payout only when the paid subscription period ,which earned you a commission, ends without a refund request. This is required in order to protect ourselves from invalid commissions (i.e. commissions for subscriptions which were refunded). As soon as each of your referral's paid subscription period ends (i.e. one month after each transaction), your commission will be confirmed and will be available for a payout. Please note that free trials do not earn an actual commission since their price is zero, i.e. they are absolutely free. The first valid commission will be produced when your referral pays for continuing their subscription, and will be validated for a payout when the newly paid period (month) ends without a refund.

Some simple rules, and a guide to help you maximize your earnings

We will start by mentioning the obvious: No one likes spammers, and no one likes reading repetitive or useless comments. Additionally, most people will never follow a link posted without any meaningful and productive explanation or comment, so any kind of spamming will greatly reduce your effectiveness and your earnings as an affiliate. We want to grow our community in a natural, respectful and productive way, and so we will never be interested in blind spamming.

Please understand that your interests as an affiliate are aligned with the interests of your fellow traders reading your posts. They are looking for something useful and meaningful, so unless you provide just that in your comments, then your affiliate link might not achieve its potential. If you choose to obtain and use an affiliate link you should always try to focus on providing valid, useful, productive and informative comments and reviews which will be of interest to others before they consider following your link.

One great way of using your affiliate link is to use it with a different page than the home page (which is generated by default in your affiliate panel). Your default affiliate link as seen in your panel, consists of two parts: a) the URL of our home page (https://www.enhancersignals.com), and b) your unique parameter appended at the end (?atid=#), where # is your own unique number (as already seen in your own affiliate link). So instead of using this default affiliate link e.g. https://www.enhancersignals.com/?atid=#, you can replace the URL to any other valid URL of our website (e.g. the URL of an enhancer article). In this example, you could use https://www.enhancersignals.com/learn/the-trade-enhancers/enhancer-1-the-strength-of-the-initial-move?atid=# as your affiliate link, as long as you use an existing valid freely accessible URL of our website (available to non-registered users, i.e. without logging in) and append the parameter of your unique affiliate link at the end. If you want to use a specific page other than the default homepage but you are not sure how to modify your affiliate link, please submit a support ticket and we will be happy to do it for you. This will be a much more rewarding way to use your unique link, especially if you post it together with a productive comment.

Using a specific page which contains useful and relevant information can greatly increase the effectiveness of your affiliate link. Other traders are much more likely to follow a link which points to useful and relevant information, e.g. a page with content which they are likely to find informative, applicable, relevant, or otherwise interesting. Don't forget that you must add value to your comments by providing some information like an simple opinion, an explanation, or a short description of what you are posting and why it is worth the time of others to check it out. You should always provide relevant information whether you use your default unique affiliate link (pointing to our homepage) or any modified version pointing to a specific page like a free article.

But clicking the link is only half way to receiving a commission. The trader following your link must subscribe in order for you to earn a commission. Sometimes providing your own REAL experience with Enhancer Signals and/or Supply and Demand level trading can be a very powerful and useful comment at the same time. Don't forget that we offer a Free Trial and that others can use it to evaluate our services and see the true value with their own eyes. All the Free Trials initiated by users that followed your unique link will be tied to your account as referrals, and any subsequent subscription payments will earn you recurring commissions for as long as they remain active.

We strongly believe in providing great value to others in our services. Enhancer Signals is built on this belief, and we want our affiliate program to follow the same footsteps. We request that you use your affiliate link sensibly, with respect for fellow traders, their opinions, and their time to read your comments and follow your link. Take the time to provide value to others by producing a useful post for them to read before expecting them to follow your link and subscribe to a service that you recommended.

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