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Free Trials, Payments and Subscriptions

How free is your Free Trial?

It is as Free as it gets! It is 100% Free and has a lengthy duration of 30 days. We believe in proving the value of our services BEFORE we accept any payment. We welcome everyone to signup for the free trial as we want you to see for yourself if our services are suitable for your needs before you decide. Our Free Trial has such a long duration because we want to give you all the time you need in order to make a clear decision. We believe that the more you understand and experience in Supply and Demand trading, the more you appreciate its benefits and want to make it the core tool in your trading.

We would never offer a "pay now but get a money-back guarantee" kind of "free" trial, that would NOT be free. You will pay NOTHING for starting your Free Trial, and you will have 30 days of Full member access to evaluate all aspects of our services without pressure, support included.

Please have in mind that all payment processors (e.g. PayPal) still require your details in order to be able to limit the number of Free Trials to one per person, and also for handling your subscription payments in case you would like to keep the subscription AFTER your Free Trial period. There is absolutely NO COST for signing up, you will NOT be charged if you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of the Free Trial, and you can cancel at any time without restrictions. Even if you forget to cancel in time, no problem, just let us know and we will issue a Full refund to you according to our generous Refund Policy rules).

You can gain instant full member access by signing up for a Free Trial here.

Will I be charged if I cancel within the first 30 days?

Of course not, that is the whole point of a Free Trial! You can cancel at any time within the free period of 30 days and you will NOT be charged. Please have in mind that due to the way different payment processors calculate elapsed days, if for any reason you want to cancel then it is better to do so until the 29th day, just to be sure. But don't worry! Even if you forget to cancel, just ask us for a FULL refund within the first 3 days of the accidental charge and we will immediately refund 100% of the charge with no questions asked. You can read more details on our Refund Policy page.

What is your refund policy?

Enhancer Signals aims to provide one of the most generous Refund Policies available for a subscription based service. All our paid subscription services include a 30-day Free Trial with no limitations and full support, for all users to evaluate our services and decide whether or not to keep using them before they are required to pay. Still, on top of our lengthy Free Trial, we choose to also offer a very clear refund policy for any future transactions to keep everyone happy and safe:

Please read our Refund Policy here (opens in a new window).

Quick Hint: We offer refunds for ANY reason at all as long as you respect some simple and fair time limits! Please read the details by clicking the above link, it will only take a minute of your time.

Which payment processors do you support?

At the moment we offer subscriptions via PayPal which supports a large variety of credit and debit cards. If you already have a PayPal account you can use it during checkout, otherwise PayPal will require a quick registration in order to set up your subscription, so that you have complete control over cancellations as well as customer support for all your payment inquiries.

We always consider adding more payment processors to our website for your convenience, so if you would like to see your preferred one added please submit a support request in the appropriate category to let us know your preference, and we will keep you informed regarding any alternative methods of payment that we have implemented.

Can i keep my current subscription price in the future?

Active subscribers keep their current subscription price for as long as they maintain an active subscription, even if the subscription price is increased for new subscriptions. Any increase in price is only applicable to new subscriptions. Any existing active subscriptions remain unaffected and keep their current price (for however long they remain active).

How it works

How often do you send new signals?

There is only one answer to this question: As often as we have identified a new Supply or Demand level which covers our requirements. Please understand that we cannot "generate" opportunities, we can only identify ones that appear in the markets. This means that there will only be a new signal or a signal update as soon as we have identified the conditions we are looking for. Sometimes there might be multiple levels identified in a single day, and some other (rarer) times there might be no suitable levels identified for a few days in a row (for example when most markets are trading sideways or are very quiet due to major holiday periods). Don't forget that the Signals are simply the trades we have planned for ourselves. You wouldn't want us to provide signals that we are not willing to trade ourselves. If we provide a signal it always means that we are also trading it for ourselves, and similarly, if we don't send any signals it simply means we haven't identified any new suitable levels to trade for own account.

If you find yourself willing to enter any trade just because you can't wait for the right opportunity, then it would probably be better for you to work towards changing this attitude as it will be an obstacle towards your profitability as a trader and it will just hold you back. Our aim is to help you improve your profitability which also happens to be the only way for us to keep you as a happy long-term subscriber, so anything that hinders your profitability is both against our interest and yours at the same time.

If you are not sure which conditions and patterns we are looking for on our charts, please check the material available for free on our website. You have access to all the material even before you start your Free Trial (in order to make the most out of it when you choose to start). In addition to the valuable free material, we offer you 30 Days of completely Free evaluation and familiarization to get you started, which also includes access to our past trade result commentary with screenshots, which is a great source of additional valuable information.

How easy is it to trade the signals?

The default method is called "Set & Forget" and it is very easy to use. You simply open the Signal Panel (which contains all Signals and a log of latest changes) and you place the pending orders into your platform for each active signal. Then you let the orders be triggered whenever price returns to the level (area), you don't necessarily have to keep monitoring the market. It is even suitable for those that work full-time.

We have many active signals at once but only 1 or 2 will be triggered at the same time. We also deactivate or cancel older signals if the market moves too far away without triggering them. You can expect 4-5 of these pending entries to be triggered per week (around 15-20 per month). The only thing you need to do is to apply any newest signals to your platform.

There are more advanced methods available (completely optional), but we will let you discover them after you familiarize yourself with the above!

Start your Free Trial to receive 30 Days full membership for Free.

Which Forex pairs do you support?

We currently support 30 Forex pairs:


We have selected all major pairs along with many important crosses, all of which offer great opportunities in the form of Supply and Demand levels, while maintaining acceptable liquidity as well as general trading conditions, especially on the large timeframes that we normally use for our trades.

Support Requests and Questions

How can i use the Support Ticket system?

All subscribers gain access to our dedicated Ticket Support system, which is accessible by simply logging in. All current and even past subscriber accounts maintain permanent access to the ticket system, initially starting from the moment their account is created, i.e. during signing up for the 30-Day Free Trial. General website visitors without an account (i.e. before signing up for the Free Trial) can still contact us by using the Contact-us Form for all their needs, including pre-sales or other questions, support requests about signing up etc.

Please note that depending on whether you are logged in or not, you will see the respective version of communication facilities, both of which are found on the main menu (Support link) as well as the footer of the website. If you already have log in credentials (including during your free trial, or even if your subscription has expired), you should log in and post a support ticket for a faster response. Please make sure to select the correct category for your questions and requests in order for our team to be able to help you faster and more efficiently.

I see a Contact-us form instead of the Ticket support system

If you already have an account please make sure you are logged-in first! By logging in you are granted access to the Ticket Support system for a faster response. If you have ever received login credentials (by signing up for a Free Trial), you maintain access to the ticket system whether your subscription is currently active, expired or in the Free Trial period. If you have forgotten your password you can always retrieve it by clicking the log-in button and then selecting the "forgot password/username" links.

If you are a new visitor and have never signed up for a Free Trial, then obviously you do not have an account with log-in credentials yet. But you can always use the Contact-us form for all your pre-sale or other questions, your support requests, and anything else we can help you with.

Can I log in from different devices simultaneously?

Yes you can! The maximum number of allowed simultaneous sessions is three. This means that you can login simultaneously from three different devices, like desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. You can keep switching devices as often as you like, as long as no more than three devices are logged in simultaneously. Every time you log in from a device, a new active session is created which lasts until you log out (or until your session expires due to inactivity after a few hours). You can have up to three active sessions simultaneously, meaning that you can access the Signal Panel and other member-only material from different devices at the same time, e.g. desktop PC + laptop + mobile phone (or any other combination). Please have in mind that if you want to access the member area from more than three different devices in a short period of time you will have to log out from one of your devices in order to end one of the sessions before you can log in from another device. All sessions are automatically closed (logged out) after a few hours of inactivity.

How can I enable/disable browser-based HTML5 notifications for new signals and updates?

When you first open the signal panel page, your browser will ask you if you want to receive notifications from our website. Clicking yes will allow small browser-based notifications to appear on your screen for a few seconds when we make a change to our signals, as long your browser is open (browsing any website). This does NOT affect your ability to view the signals (which are always there in the signal panel for you to view at any time). These are simply extra notifications to grab your attention when you are doing something else, so that you know you can re-visit the signal panel to view the changes that were made. These browser-based notifications are optional, you can use them if you like the feature or block them if you don't need it.

All browsers allow you to manage your settings for these notifications for each site individually. If you have accidentally blocked these notifications but would like to re-enable them again for our signal panel specifically, please do the following:

First, open the Signal Panel page (Member Area menu). Then follow the below instructions depending on your browser (note that there might be small visual discrepancies depending on the version of your browser):

Google Chrome: Click the green lock on the top left (URL address bar), click notifications -> Allowed by you

notifications faq


Mozilla Firefox: Similarly to above, click on the lock, then allow notifications.

For other browsers see below:

Opera: Menu > Settings > Websites > Click "Manage Exceptions" button under "Notifications"

Safari: Preferences > Notifications

There you will be able to either modify your notification settings (for enhancersignals.com specifically, among others) from blocked to enabled, or you will be able to delete the website from the list (in which case your browser will ask you again next time you visit the signal panel page). Remember that these notifications are optional and are there for your convenience only, simply letting you know that something changed in the signal panel. All signals (including related screenshots and all other information and details) are visible at all times in the signal panel, with or without these extra browser-based notifications, and there is also a list of recent changes so that you don't miss anything. As always, if you have any questions or need help, please submit a support request and we will be glad to assist you.

Affiliate earnings

Do you have an affiliate program?

We are currently offering recurring commissions for all subscriptions purchased by people that joined by following your unique link, and you will keep receiving monthly commissions for as long as they stay active subscribers. You can get an affiliate account and your unique link by starting your 30-Day Free Trial (in order to receive your login details). You do not have to remain a subscriber to keep using your affiliate link, but you need to create a free account by signing up for a 30-day Free Trial. Your affiliate account will remain accessible even if your subscription is cancelled.

If you believe you can contribute to growing our community, then you are welcome to use your affiliate link and collect recurring commissions for doing so. We do not have any minimum earnings requirement, which means you can request a payout at any time and for any amount. Your commissions will be available for a payout as soon as each paid subscription period (i.e. one month) ends without a refund. If you have any questions please submit a support ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please read more on our Affiliate-opportunities page (opens in a new window).

How will I receive my affiliate earnings?

If you would like to request a payout of your earned affiliate commissions then please submit a support request in the appropriate category for affiliate support. We are currently able to offer commission payouts by PayPal, but other methods can be discussed if you cannot open a PayPal account.

We do not have any required minimums, so you can request a payout at any time and for any earned amount. Your commissions become available as soon as the paid subscription period ends, i.e. one month after each monthly subscription payment which results in a commission. All commissions are recurring, which means you will receive a commission each month and for each subscriber for as long as they remain active subscribers. For example if you bring 15 subscribers, you will keep receiving 15 commissions every month for as long as they remain active subscribers. Traders that find our service useful and like our trading style and methods usually choose to stay with us for a long time, so this works well for our affiliates too.

Please read more on our Affiliate-opportunities page (opens in a new window).

Other general topics

I need a True ECN Broker, any recommendation? Which one do you use at Enhancer Signals?

You can use EnhancerSignals.com Forex Signals with ANY broker you like. However, we strongly recommend a true ECN Broker if you really want the best environment for your Forex orders. We have written an extensive article about the advantages of a true ECN Broker and a comparison with other types of Brokers. You can find it here:


At Enhancer Signals we use the True ECN account (MT4) provided by IC Markets for all our Forex orders. Click for more info.true ecn broker

Are any of these past performance claims on the internet real?

There are a some Forex-related things we frequently see on the internet which we don't like at all, so we wanted to take this opportunity to mention some of them in this section of our FAQ page in case we benefit some of the novice traders out there. One of them, probably the most frequent and most provocative of all, is the past performance claims made by some people or companies. We have seen all kinds of ridiculous claims and they all try to make it look like they are selling the magic formula that makes money fall out of the sky, even while you sleep.

We urge you to use critical thinking before accepting ANY claims as true, verified, or even well-meaning and ethical. Even if you are not an experienced trader, you can still likely feel when something is very wrong with some claims or some websites and their services. Please beware of any kind of claims, and mostly those related to miraculous past performances and especially magic systems that generate automatic income. There are no magic trading bots or EAs, no secret trade copiers, and no martingale gambling techniques that will lead you to the holy grail of trading. You either accept it early on, or you can waste more effort, money, and more importantly, your precious time.

As we mentioned elsewhere, always demand a very long, 100% Free Trial. Consider it to be your opportunity to see "Future performance" instead of "Past performance", while you can also measure its performance safely in your demo account (and accurately, i.e. exactly as it would be used by you, on your platform, under your individual conditions and circumstances) before spending your real money on false hopes, which sometimes are even sold by companies that CAN gain from your losses like B-Book type of Forex brokers. Anyone refusing you a sufficiently long and 100% Free Trial to such a multi-user online service usually only does so in order to obscure something. After all, you have to realize that if the specific service was really worth it, then the long Free Trial would only help to gather and maintain a larger number of subscribers by proving its value beyond doubt. There is no reason to offer a short Free Trial that proves nothing conclusive, or any kind of "discounted" or "pay-now-with-money-back-promise" type of trial. If the service is worth it then a long Free Trial can only help promote the service, so accept no excuses. Then use this period to evaluate the service as best as you can. Make sure that what you are evaluating actually makes real sense, and that the logic behind the strategies and methods used is clear, meaningful, and based on objective market information. Most importantly, evaluate carefully whether any service is helping you achieve and maintain profitability, or is just wasting your wealth.

Is there any kind of hope in social-trading?

We shouldn't even have to answer this question, but then again, so many people place their hopes in social trading that is baffling, if not sad in some cases. It is our personal opinion that if you respect your account balance you should stay clear of any kind of social trading. The statistics related to it are complete madness, thus it wouldn't be unfair for us to say that there is absolutely no hope in social trading.

But you don't need to take our word for it. If you have tested the waters for quite some time (in any kind of social trading environment), then you probably already know that any gains are completely temporary, usually random rather than skilled, and that most accounts end up in ruins sooner or later. But if you haven't had any personal experience with it then you are probably tempted to believe that some of those social trading accounts might actually be profitable long term, just because they show some fancy green numbers with a plus sign in front of them. As explained in one of our articles, any type of performance or other data on such websites can be presented in a such way that is totally misleading (even if based on some real raw data) and has the potential to disguise losses as profits within their fancy statistics, at least until the account is almost ruined.

But that's not all. There are numerous "tricks" that can be employed (depending on the particular service) which can easily make an account show whatever number of profit the account owner desires to show, the simplest one being the trick with the low initial deposit and the subsequent deposits, still allowed on so many social trading services. This is just a minor one, and is not even applicable everywhere (some services can detect and correct it, although others prefer to leave it as is for obvious reasons), but the tricks are numerous and range from very easy and common to very hard and uncommon. During our research we were even surprised ourselves when we found out that even those that are commonly accepted as "unbreakable and truthful" services can actually be fooled into showing misleading results. And if you really wanted to see some rarer but much more extreme real-life cases, then search for the "miracles" that can be done if you happen to have a friend that works at a malicious online broker. The list of tricks is never ending and there is always something new every day. So unless someone decides to apply critical thought and look for the quality information that truly makes sense all the way to its core, then there is a good chance that a lot of time is going to be wasted in the maze of trading illusions and false hopes. Social trading is at the top of this list, along with the use of arbitrary indicators and oscillators for determining the entries and exits of a trade.

For legal reasons we are not allowed to name any specific services, but we don't really have to anyway, this applies across the board in one way or another. As always we advise you to use a healthy amount of critical thought when it comes to anything, but especially promises related to Forex services, and even worse, social trading Forex services. And we haven't even mentioned yet that your interests are frequently not even aligned with those of the social trader or the intermediary service, but that's a whole topic on its own. Social trading in our opinion is one of the most dangerous places to place your hopes in. If in doubt, use a demo account, let it trade for sufficient time (i.e. a few months, if it lasts that long) and watch how long it will take for it to be burned to ashes. Even those automatic martingale robot (EA) trades which make it look like having a good start will meet their inevitable destiny with a few weeks or a very few months at best. Even if the account lasts for a whole year, and even if that seems like a long time to you, we still don't think that this is how long you want the life of your account to be. Did you think you would be able to live off of copying the social trades of the herd? Did you believe that your interests are truly aligned with the social account holder and/or the social trading platform? If yes, then we urge you to think again before it is too late.

Shouldn't everyone know about Supply and Demand?

Who said they don't?! Everyone (well nearly everyone) has heard of Supply and Demand and most people already have an idea about how it affects prices in every aspect of our lives. What people don't know is how to identify trading opportunities by properly reading charts, so it is the specific application of Supply and Demand in trading that remains elusive, and not the whole concept in general. But yes, as far as its application in identifying areas of imbalance and high-probability trading opportunities is concerned, this still remains mostly a privileged concept (where privileged means known and used by the few as compared to the masses that take on trading at some point in their lives, especially since the days of electronic trading and internet-based platforms).

Even those who look at price charts as part of their daily activities or profession (sometimes including traders themselves), can often see no difference between a random or arbitrary trading pattern and a high-probability Supply and Demand imbalance setup waiting to be traded nearby. Even in these days of rapid information flow it can still be hard to find information that really makes sense. We are often flooded with information of questionable quality, and sometimes it comes directly from people who stand to gain from our loses (see "B-book" type of forex brokers, and especially market makers). In any case, you can see through the fog once you start looking for information that really makes sense. If it really makes sense then you get that "AHA!!" moment and the pieces of the puzzle start putting themselves together in your head by themselves. It feels like you always knew and simply couldn't connect the dots until that moment. Going back to your old way of trading after such a life-changing moment is nearly impossible.

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