Supply and Demand Levels / Zones, high-probability trading, high win-ratio. If you like Sam Seiden as much as we do, then you will love our Forex Signals!Supply and Demand Levels Zones, Rally Base Rally, Rally Base Drop, Sam Seiden style

You place pending orders in your platform and

We identify and pre-evaluate

We give you




All Signal types, rally base rally, rally base drop, drop base rally, drop base drop, sam seiden style

We get 4-7 pending orders

Forex Signals with exact entry / stop / target prices, your forex trading edge

Only relevant setups are kept in the market. Older, untriggered setups are cancelled if the market gets too far away.

the exact Entry/Stop/Target price

Supply/Demand levels as they happen

let them do their job when price returns to the level

High-probability forex trades, sell below supply like Sam Seiden would doHigh Probability forex trading signals, buy above demand like sam seiden would do

triggered per week,

or about 15-25 trades

per month on average.

Forex Signal Panel, high-probability entry and target, high win ratio

Multiple bounce areas identified across different Forex pairs

Click the box to see exact Entry/Stop/Target prices (with screenshots!)

Keep the pending orders in your platform for each active signal.

The entries will be triggered whenever price returns to each level,

Supply and Demand Trading Forex Signal services, Signal providers, Odds Enhancers

no more than 1 or 2 trades at a time.

Know where price will bounce, Trade Forex with an Edge. Supply and Demand Forex Signals service provider

- Emotionless: Place the orders and let them handle all the trading, from entry to target.

- Stress-Free: Capture the bounce when it happens, without having to monitor the market.

- Effective: Hit easy reward targets with high win-ratios, achieve long-term performance consistency.


Experience trading...

Transparency and Trust

Full archive of all past signals with their respective trade outcomes.

Screenshots AND date-times included for easy verification of past trades on YOUR charts.

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