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Enhancer Signals is a leading provider of Forex Signals based on Supply and Demand Levels/Zones.

The Free Educational material below is meant as an introduction to the concept of Forex Supply and Demand and how it is used in Forex trading. If you haven't done so already, you can start your 30-Day Free Trial by signing up via PayPal for free and you can access all our Forex Trading Signals for 30 Days. You can also view the past performance of our high-probability trade entries with commentary and screenshots.

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Good to know

What Enhancer Signals is, and what it is not.          

An overview of Enhancer Signals, a quick guide for our new visitors and prospective subscribers.

Enhancer #1: The strength of the initial move.

Information on Enhancer #1, and a better way of looking for the next level to trade.

The way price approaches a level.                

Why the way price approaches a level is important, and an overview of the emotional roller-coaster of novice entries.

Proper charting is vital, even more than you think.

Why charting is so important, and how it affects your trading performance whether you know it or not.

The Philosophy of our Signals.                              

An introduction to our trading philosophy as Supply and Demand Forex traders, and a first few words on Supply and Demand levels.

Enhancer #2: The placement within the big picture.

Information on Enhancer #2, and a new way of filtering your levels and selecting the best trade setups.

Cutting the wicks, or drilling into a level.            

When to cut the candle wicks of a level while defining it.

When and how to drill into a thick level to improve your profit margin and reward ratio.

Choosing a Forex Broker and what to avoid.

Why your Broker choice can make a huge difference in your trading.

What to avoid, and the crucial things to demand when looking at your broker's qualities.

PURE Supply and Demand levels.                  

The difference between true "Supply and Demand" and the novice "support and resistance".

Why "support and resistance" with the various indicators and oscillators is completely arbitrary.

Enhancer #3: Profit margin and reward ratio.

Information on Enhancer #3, and the difference between profit margin and reward ratio. See how to evaluate both.

Looking left on your charts.                              

How to look left on your charts, i.e. when looking for "fresh" levels, or when doing your evaluation.

How far to take it when looking back in time.

Addiction to trading hurts your trades.            

How addiction to trading can affect your trading decisions.

The symptoms of addiction to trading, and the way to reduce spontaneous or unjustified trades.

The different types of levels with visual examples.

Visual examples of the different types of levels that are particularly applicable to Forex.

Enhancer #4: The first return of price to the level.

Information on Enhancer #4, and the reasons why trading the first return is a higher probability trade.

Appearances can be deceiving.                      

Why smaller levels can frequently be stronger than larger levels.

Why picture-perfect levels can sometimes be weaker, or be harder to trade.

Psychology of the masses.                          

Common examples of knowingly or unknowingly following the trading herd.

Why following the herd forces any kind of consistent profitability to remain a dream.

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