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What Enhancer Signals is, and what it is not.

This is an overview of Enhancer Signals. It is meant as a quick guide for our new visitors and prospective subscribers.


Enhancer Signals is:

An entirely new generation of quality Forex signals, based purely on Supply and Demand level analysis and objective market principles that let you stack the probabilities of each trade on your side. All our results and anticipated market reactions are highly predictable, repeatable, and statistically meaningful. All entries are based on pre-evaluated levels that are expected to produce specific anticipated market reactions in order to hit EASY reward targets with high-probability and high win-ratios.

A signal provider that openly shares the advanced market knowledge behind the Supply and Demand concept and signals. You have access to this knowledge for FREE, no subscription is required for accessing the articles. You do NOT necessarily have to learn how to identify your own levels and setups as we already provide those, although it is generally beneficial to have a basic understanding of how and why our identified and evaluated levels work the way they do.

A service that provides to you our own pre-identified and pre-evaluated levels, with proposed exact Entries/Stops/Targets for you to use in your trading at will. The evaluation is part of our own trading routine and is sold for a monthly subscription fee, along with access to our past result commentary (archive of all past trades with screenshots and comments). We offer a lengthy 100% Free trial (30 days) to give you plenty of time to evaluate the quality of our information for Free before you decide, and we are here to support you even during your Free Trial.

An unstructured learning course that shows you how, where, and when to trade in order to achieve lower-risk higher-reward entries with high-probability, while letting you handle the details of your own trades according to your own trading style, preferences and circumstances. Our pre-identified levels can boost your trades whether you choose to follow the rules or to trade your own ideas based on our pre-determined levels and setups.

Enhancer Signals aims:

To change the way you trade and the way you view the markets forever by showing you better, more efficient, and more prudent ways to trade.

To give you the edge you need in order to boost your own win ratio and profitability.

To prove to you that trading can be simpler, understandable, and based on solid market principles that have not changed since the time of the first organized markets. Anticipating market reactions shows true understanding of the forces that move the market.

To show you how professional institutional traders achieve much higher trade probabilities than the masses, even without special equipment or tools.

To open your eyes regarding the use of indicators and oscillators, bad charting, or other pitfalls related to trading that affect you every day whether you know it or not.

Enhancer Signals is NOT / does NOT provide / does NOT use, or agrees with the following:

Automatically produced signals. Instead we prefer to hand-pick our own trades and to stack the probabilities on our side based on objective information and solid market principles.

EAs and trading robots. Instead we prefer our users to enter their own trades, and to know all the reasons why.

Indicators and Oscillators. Instead we prefer to anticipate market reactions before price even gets near our entry orders, than to wait for arbitrarily calculated, unreliable, and price-lagging results based on something that was never meant to be used for determining trade entries.

Automatic trade copying or social trading. Instead we prefer our users to know the reasons and logic behind each trade, and to be able to replicate the results on their own.

Trading chat-room. Instead we prefer to concentrate on the market than to what other's chat about, to keep our thoughts clear, emotionless, and unaffected in order to maintain our trading edge. We want the same for our users, so we will never offer a trading room.

Enhancer Signals does NOT aim, want, or offer:

To replace your critical thinking. Instead we aim to take it to a new level by exposing you to the information you have been missing.

To manage your trades for you, to handle your funds, or to provide individualized or other trading advice or services under any circumstances. Instead we aim to help you understand how to manage your own trades based on how the markets work, whether you choose to use your own levels or our subscription based signals that provide you with our own pre-identified and pre-evaluated levels and setups.

We hope the above gave you an overview of our services and a hint of our attitude. You can find more introductory information under the "Learn" menu. We suggest you start by reading these articles before you continue to the main Enhancer articles and the complementary articles that follow.

If you have any questions or need help with your Free trial or subscription, our team will be very happy to help you. You can contact us by using the contact form or by submitting a support ticket (available for current and past subscribers, after login). Otherwise our FAQ section might already have the answer you are looking for. In either case, please feel free to get in touch if there is anything we can help you with.

What Enhancer Signals is, and what it is not.

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