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Enhancer Signals (also referred to as "we, us, our, this website, the website, or our website"), is always committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with this privacy policy. We only collect information which is required in order to provide any requested services to you (including free trials and various membership subscriptions) and for internal website maintenance as well as the improvement of our services. We work hard to ensure that our website is secure and meets or exceeds the industry standards.

Information we collect includes: a) information provided by you, such as names, emails, usernames etc, as required by our services, b) information collected as part of our market research, e.g. basic demographic information such as country etc, and any optional surveys submitted,  c) security information like IP addresses and activity logs in order to protect us and our users from external threats to the degree possible, d) your account settings and list of transactions (WITHOUT any personal payment information), e) some aggregate user information like browsing related statistics. Any information collected is used strictly for record keeping and the purposes mentioned above.

No personal payment information like credit or debit cards, bank accounts or other is stored on our website under any circumstances. All such information is securely transmitted encrypted to our payment providers like PayPal, Payza, or others, and so it is never available to us or accessible by us. These external services have their own very high standard security features as required by the law as well as separate privacy policies related to their services. If you need any more information related to privacy and security related to online payments, you should visit the relevant payment provider's website.

Your information will never be sold, shared, exchanged, or given to any third party for any purpose, including but not limited to marketing reasons. The only exception when your information might become available to a third party is in the event of an acquisition of Enhancer Signals as a whole by a third party, in which case the third party will gain control over all assets and information but will agree to maintain an equivalent or increased level of privacy as offered by us.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted on our privacy policy page and will be considered effective immediately, whether or not you are notified by email as might occasionally be the case. Although no frequent changes are expected, you should review our privacy policy often and use the provided means of communication in order to inform us in case you have any concerns. Your use of the website or any part of it constitutes your acceptance of our privacy policy.

Despite the effort being made to protect and secure any information used for providing our services or the purposes mentioned above, in no event shall Enhancer Signals, its managers, employees, shareholders, affiliates or agents be liable for damages, liabilities, claims, expenses or costs incurred by or as a result of any breach or negligence. We do our best to adhere to the best industry standards at all times, but no way of communication or storage facility can ever be 100% secure, as is the case with any existing service offered online.

Cookie Policy

In order to provide you with a personalized experience on our website, as well as to provide an affiliate program to our users and affiliates, we require cookies to be stored on your computer as is the case with most modern websites. Cookies are very small files which contain information required by browsers in order to provide you a personalized browsing experience. Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can disable this in your browser settings but this will likely prohibit you from using all parts and services of the website.


In the case or event that any statement or provision of this Privacy Policy is held unenforceable by applicable law, the validity or enforceability of the remaining parts and provisions of the Privacy Policy will not be affected, and any unenforceable provisions will be replaced with enforceable statements and/or provisions that comes closest to the intention underlying unenforceable statements and/or provisions.

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