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Refund Policy


Enhancer Signals provides one of the most generous Refund Policies available for a subscription based service. All our paid subscription services include a 30-day Free Trial with no limitations and full support for all users to evaluate our services and decide whether or not to keep using them before they are required to pay. Still, on top of our lengthy Free Trial we choose to offer a very clear refund policy for any subsequent subscription payments:

a) FULL (100%) refund for ANY reason, as long as you notify us within 3 days of the specific transaction's billing date.
b) 50% refund for ANY reason, as long as you notify us within 4 to 15 days of the specific transaction's billing date.
You can request a refund for ANY reason at all and we are happy to provide it as long as you respect the above time limits.

We strive to satisfy all subscribers so that they choose to stay long term with us, but if for any reason we have not met your expectations, or if you are unable to continue with us (or any other reason at all), please simply request a refund and you will receive it, no questions asked. You are completely safe even if you forget to cancel your free trial in time or forget to cancel your subscription before the next billing. As mentioned above, we will give you a full (100%) refund as long as you request it within 3 days of the billing date, which is more than enough time to notify us. Alternatively, if you change your mind within the first 15 days of your last billing date and request a refund, we can still provide a 50% refund, no questions asked.

Refund requests are processed within 3 days (usually much faster, i.e. within a few hours, if not immediately). The time to process your refund request does NOT affect your eligibility for a refund, i.e. if you have submitted your refund request in time you will always receive it even if we process your request after the above time limits have been exceeded.

Please note:

1) We cannot offer any refund at all after the 15th day following a billing date. Of course you can still request a refund for any future billing (with the same time limits for every individual transaction). We hope you appreciate that our refund policy is among the most open minded and generous ones available for a subscription-based service, and that this is on top of a long 30-day Free Trial.

2) Your subscription gets cancelled on refund (unless we specifically agree otherwise prior to the refund). If your subscription gets cancelled you will never be charged in the future unless you choose to re-subscribe. If you decide to re-subscribe, please keep in mind that you will NOT be eligible for an additional refund until you complete at least a full paid monthly subscription in between any two refunds. This is a necessary measure for our own protection against potential abuse of this generous refund policy.

If in doubt, please contact us and we will sort things out for you.

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